Great Road Trip Games

November 29th, 2018 by

1. 20 Questions: Everyone knows 20 Questions. One person thinks of a famous person, place or thing. Then, everyone asks up to 20 questions to the player. The questions only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next person to think of something.

2. The Alphabet Game: The games goes around in a circle. The players work through the alphabet looking for something that starts with a specific letter. For example: A might be apple tree or a word on a sign. Once a player finds an A word, the next player moves onto B. Another way to play is that each player works their way through the Alphabet and the first rider to work through the alphabet wins. Variation: Use only letters found on billboards, or letters on license plates.

3. The Animal Game: If you are in more rural areas try the animal game. Keep on the lookout for animals and when you see one be the first to make that animal’s sound. The first person to make the animal sound wins a point.

4. Radio Game 1: Hit the “scan” button on your radio until it stops on a song. The first person to guess the artist wins.

5. Radio Game 2: This game is a fun way to keep everyone from fighting over the music that is playing. The first person to take a turn goes through the dial until they find a song they like. Everyone needs to listen to the whole song. Then the next person picks a song. The only rule is that if you go all the way through the dial without finding a song you like then you need to listen to the last song you land on or lose a turn.

6. Radio Game 3: While the radio is off, each rider chooses a word. Turn the radio on. The winner is the person whose word is spoken or sung first.

7. The Rhyming Game: Someone picks a word to start with, such as “cat.” The next player has to come up with a word that rhymes. Everyone keeps going until someone cannot think of a rhyming word.

8. Tongue Twisters: Choose a person that you all know, example, “Sara.” Then start with a phrase about that person that uses only the first letter of her name such as “Sara says strawberries…” take turns adding “S” words with as few “connectors” as possible. A connector is a word that doesn’t start with S but is needed to make sure the sentence makes sense. The goal is to see how silly the tongue twister becomes!

9. Speed Talking: (You will need either a timer or watch with a second hand) Choose how many points you want to play to. Choose a topic and then talk for 60 seconds straight without repeating yourself or pausing. If you can do it, you get a point. Take turns playing until someone reaches the point goal. You can add a 30 second rule if you want: If someone makes it 30 seconds, award them ½ a point.

10. I-Spy: When playing I-Spy in the car, the trick is that it has to be something that won’t go out of view – like the sky, the road, etc. Someone announces that they “spy” something and gives a clue. Example: I spy something blue. The players then take turns guessing until someone gets it. Whoever guesses the right answer gets to start the next spy-turn.

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