5 Ways To Keep A Car’s Paint Job Looking Clean

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Tips On How To Protect Your Car’s Paint Job
The Car’s paintwork is what makes it stand aside even after considering its model and class. It speaks volumes about its owner and can often be the first impression people have of you. So, here are five great tips on how to protect your car’s paint job without having to deal with a humongous bill at the end of a certain period.

1 Follow a wash-up routine: Never run out of car cleaning products and even if you do, absolutely avoid substituting them with products you may find around the house, such as dish soap or laundry detergent. Some chemicals contained in these can cause your paint to be stripped apart and deteriorate. Take your car out to the car wash from time to time. Always avoid using rough cleaning material such as scrub pads and use a sponge or a soft cleaning mitt such as sheep’s wool instead.

2 Avoid Temperature Inflations: Extreme weather has a clearly detrimental effect on your car’s paint job. Paint then is caused to expand and contract which can cause cracking. These cracks, in turn, can lead to water seeping through it creating heavy moisture which causes rust to develop. While tough to avoid, the damage can be controlled and at times fully avoided by keeping you car parked in a garage where the constant room temperature and covering from the elements keeps your car protected from excess damage.

3 Removing Droppings (Of Birds and Animals): Not just a nuisance but also problematic for your car paint, always use warm, soapy water and gently rub it off with a sheep wool wash mitt at the earliest.

4 Protect from roughness: Just like our skin, the car paint also needs to be protected from roughness such as small stones and rough cloths. Scratches even come from dirty cloth or dirty sponges. So drive carefully and use clean cleaning material at all times.

5 Avoiding spillages: A common discolouration occurs around where the gas and break fluid is being filled causing the paint to peel. Spillages must be avoided and in case it does happen, an immediate washing off is strongly recommended.

Together the above, five tips should keep your car’s paint protected. Regular cleaning does a wonderful job as does waxing and buffing your car from time to time. If not by yourself once every few weekends, do take it to a car wash and care from time to time and wow everyone as you drive by, every day.

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